"Building Educational Opportunities in Sierra Leone"

School Construction Updates

One of our major accomplishment this year is the completion of a huge building with 3 classrooms, a store, library and an office for the principal. Each classroom accommodates 90 students each. The completion of this building is a huge success as it’s the first Senior Secondary School in the entire region. All the surrounding villages and towns as far as 7 miles away come to this school. As a result of your support students do not have to move far away from home anymore, and this will eventually reduce the difficulties and challenges faced by students, and work towards reducing dropout rates. Historically, dropout rates were quite high so it was decided that completion of the building should be a priority. We are pleased to announce that the building has been completed and it’s now in the process of being accredited by the Ministry of Education in Sierra Leone.  This new building was named after the current Paramount Chief PC Alimamy Lahai V for his outstanding role in building educational opportunities for the people of his chiefdom.