"Building Educational Opportunities in Sierra Leone"

2014 – A Big Year for SoS

Hello SoS supporters, and a very Happy New Year to you all! 2014 promises to be very big year for Schools of Sinkunia, with plenty to focus on over the coming 12 months and beyond, and we have some great news to kick off the year with! Due to an unexpected generous donation from our American supporters, the School has an opportunity to extend. This will mean an increase to the classroom size of the building, built using donations received by the SoS organisation! The extension of our building, to be named Harris Hall as chosen by SoS President Manga Foday, is necessary as a result of the influx of local children seeking better educational opportunities. As a result, the school will continue to provide a high level of attainment that the School currently provides and that the children deserve. Not only have the numbers of students increased, but also national test scores have improved dramatically. These achievements are largely due to the staff of the schools, and the educational focus of PC Alimamy Lahai V. With such a great start to the year, we hope to continue this with further news of how sponsorship is helping the children of Sinkunia, and pledge to ensure that we keep you up-to-date with all of the activities going forward, so that our supporters can see the difference that they continue to make for the cause. Wishing you well in the new year and beyond, SoS.